Book review: Girl in a band

Girl in a BandGirl in a Band by Kim Gordon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In my opinion, there are a few strange and misogynistic reviews, so I’d like to offer my perspective.

This is an autobiography, not just a book about Sonic Youth. It is a chronicle of Kim Gordon’s life up to 2014, covering her childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Naturally, it includes aspects of her life outside of music.

Regarding the criticism of “name dropping” mentioned in some reviews: people in the music industry tend to have friends within the same industry. Should these names be anonymized to avoid “name dropping”?

The book itself is well-written, mostly in chronological order. It provides many details about Kim’s personal life, including her marriage. She speaks fondly of Thurston, clearly admiring his talent and his role as a father, as well as his contributions in other areas of life. They were a fantastic couple and achieved a lot together.

As mentioned, Sonic Youth is not the sole focus of the book; it isn’t even the primary subject. Kim as an artist is.

Based on the book, Kim comes across as modest and honest. She doesn’t seem bitter about anything and accepts things as they are.

I wish Kim all the best in her future endeavors in life and art.

It was a good and interesting read.

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